What are Wholesale Diamonds?

Thu, 02/21/2013 - 04:11

Customers searching for a loose diamond, particularly online, will often be presented with the opportunity to purchase "wholesale". But what exactly is wholesale in the diamond industry?

Lumera offers diamonds for sale to both individual customers as well as jewelers and other retailers around the country. The prices and terms are the same, regardless. However, it would be inaccurate to describe Lumera as a wholesaler when the other party is an individual consumer. A truly wholesale transaction is the (often) tax free purchase of large quantities of goods for eventual resale. Therefore, by definition, the sale of a single item directly to an end user fails on each count.

Usually, what a customer is asking for when they request a "wholesale" diamond is not wholesale at all. They are not planning to resell the diamond, they simply want to pay the same price their local retailer might. In this case, the best strategy is to completely remove the term wholesale from the equation and simply compare the quality and price of the diamond on offer, regardless of the source (traditional retailer, online seller, or "wholesaler"). Lumera offers the best price on GIA certified loose diamonds of anyone, regardless of how they label their business. In addition, we offer benefits which are not a typical part of a truly wholesale transaction; things like the ability to purchase with a credit card, 30-day returns, and lifetime trade in privileges.

In fact, Lumera offers the best of both worlds. While the majority of our sales are to individuals, the pricing is equal or better than what is typically found at wholesale. By taking an approach of lower mark up (under 9% for most diamonds), and a low expense ratio (typically less than one fifth the expenses of a traditional jeweler), Lumera is able to offer the customer what they really want when they ask for a "wholesale" diamond.

Lumera invites anyone looking for a diamond, whether individual or jeweler, to compare prices and see where the best value truly lies.

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