Diamond Appraisal

A diamond appraisal documents the key characteristics of a diamond, such as carat weight, shape, cut, color, clarity, and measurements; as well as the weight, purity, and styling of a ring (if the diamond is set). A diamond appraisal can often be obtained from the retailer (such as Lumera Diamonds) or from an independent diamond appraiser.

The primary benefit of a diamond appraisal is to establish the value of the diamond (and ring) for jewelry insurance purposes. Your insurance company will require an appraisal of any item of jewelry that is added to your policy.

When you receive your Lumera purchase, a detailed appraisal, suitable for insurance purposes, will be included (along with the diamond's GIA certificate, if applicable). The value stated on the diamond appraisal is based on current market prices, and may be higher than the actual purchase price.

You may also choose to have your purchase independently appraised. Lumera Diamonds guarantees that your purchase will appraise at or higher than the original purchase price (see guarantee details).

Look for the following when choosing an independent diamond appraiser:

  • True Independence - not employed by or affiliated with any jewelry retailer.
  • Graduate Gemologist - certified by the GIA.
  • Member of a reputable appraisal association - such as ASA, ISA, or NGJA.
  • Conforms to USPAP - Uniform Standard of Professional Appraisal Practice.
  • Full-time appraiser - experienced in the appraisal of natural and synthetic gems.
  • Flat fee structure - never a percentage of the value of the item.
  • Open Environment - willing to allow you to be present, with the item in view at all times.