Jewelry Insurance

Insurance for your jewelry or engagement ring is a good idea for any item you cannot readily afford to lose (a good guideline might be anything over two weeks pay in value). Your existing home owner's or renter's insurance may already provide coverage (subject to a deductible) for jewelry. Depending on the value of your item, you may need to purchase a separate policy or rider to obtain full coverage. Check with your insurer after any new purchase to understand your coverage and liability.

You can receive an instant jewelry insurance quote for any piece of jewelry you own or are contemplating the purchase of , using the Jewelers Mutual instant quote tool. Just enter code A01475 (letter A, followed by the number 01475), along with your email (used only to contact you at your request), zip code (location affects insurance rates) and the value of your item. You will receive an instant quote for annual coverage, as well as options to apply online or learn more. This quote can be used to compare with other rates, such as those you receive from your current insurance provider.

A note of caution:

Purchase with confidence, knowing your order is fully covered by our own insurance up to the moment it is signed for at delivery. You are not liable in any way up to that point.

Once received, most customers choose to have their purchase insured. Keep in mind that without insurance, you are solely responsible for your diamond. If an uninsured diamond or ring is lost or stolen, or if the diamond were to be dislodged from the setting, the owner would be liable for the loss. You may choose to purchase insurance anytime after the purchase of your ring (even before delivery), eliminating any risk of personal liability after receiving your item.

Insurance for engagement rings and other jewelry, when purchased from a reputable company, tends to be much safer and more comprehensive than any coverage or warranty offered by a retailer guarantee. Regardless of where you purchase insurance, make sure it covers both accidental loss and theft. Also confirm that your coverage is for the full value, not a fraction there of. Ask whether, in the case of a claim, you will be free to purchase from any jeweler, or only from one specified by the insurance company. Finally, be sure to ask for the circumstances under which the item would not be covered.

Insurance for jewelry: Options beyond your existing home owner's or renter's policy:

Since 1913, Jewelers Mutual has specialized in insuring jewelry. They have gemologists on staff, as well as underwriters and customer service representatives who are licensed insurance agents.

Jewelers Mutual's Personal Jewelry Insurance program provides protection for loss, theft, damage, and mysterious disappearance on finished pieces of jewelry. Jewelers Mutual will repair or replace your insured jewelry with like kind and quality. The policy is available with no deductible, unless you choose one.

You can get a free quote anytime, or apply online after you purchase, at Jewelers Mutual (enter code A01475). Coverage will begin on the date you submit your online application. To maintain coverage, be sure to fax or email a copy of the appraisal you receive with your purchase within 10 days of applying (you will receive a reminder with your order). Upon request, Lumera will email a copy of your appraisal to you, which can be forwarded to Jewelers Mutual (or any other insurance company).

Lumera is not a licensed insurance agent for Jeweler's Mutual and cannot sell or recommend insurance. Lumera offers this option as a service to our customers, and in no way benefits from your participation.

More about Jewelers Mutual:

  • Established in 1913
  • A+ Superior rating for the past 21 years by A.M. Best Company
  • Only insurer to specialize in jewelry coverage
  • $2 billion of individuals' personal jewelry insured
  • Licensed in all 50 states
  • GIA Graduate Gemologists on staff
  • Dedicated to preventing jewelry theft with loss prevention education

(Must be a U.S. resident age 18 years or older to apply. Jewelers Mutual is an alternative to other insurance companies you may be considering. Insurance coverage is not guaranteed, subject to underwriting guidelines and application approval.)

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