Customer Reviews

"Our 40th anniversary was approaching and I wanted to surprise my wife with something a bit more special than the previous 39 - a round diamond of excellent cut, G or H color and VS2 to S2 clarity and 2 plus carats in size seemed like it would be the answer. I visited jewelry stores, diamond brokers and five online web sites to do as much due diligence as I could in the time that I had. I kept coming back to Lumera because their selection was outstanding, their prices were more than competitive, their education on diamonds was superb, and their online assistance was exemplary. I had the good fortune to deal a representative who essentially found the diamond that I was searching for and recommended it to me. Based on the criteria that I had given him, he suggested a 2.34 carat round diamond of Excellent cut, H color and SI2 clarity. I had some concern about the clarity but he assured me that the inclusions weren't visible to the naked eye and that the diamond's other characteristics and price far out-weighed the clarity (which no one would see anyway, except inder a 10 power microscope). I decided to go with his suggestion. Also, since this was a surprise to my wife, I did not want any phone calls coming to our home. Additionally, I had to receive the ring by a certain date, as we were leaving town the next day for Lake Tahoe. The surprise element was maintained, the diamond arrived on time, and I presented it on our anniversary. "Did she like it?" you ask. "More than I can say in a family review!" is my answer. We had it placed in a platinum setting and it is now part of a three ring group with the diamond being the "shining star." I have since had the diamond appraised by a reputable jeweler - the dollar amount was significantly higher that what I paid. "

J. Barbeau,
San Jose, CA

"The diamond is absolutely spectacular! She is the complete envy of all her friends, and I really appreciated the smooth, quick and professional process Lumera has in place. Work with Lumera without hesitation -- five stars!"

J. Block,
Chicago, IL

"You did an awesome job. The diamond looks huge and the best part is the excellent cut and sparkle that it provides. It's comical how it compares to the rest of our neighbor's bigger, albeit duller cut diamonds. She absolutely loves it and gets compliments on it every day from complete strangers. I couldn't have been happier with my experience and thank you again for all your effort running around looking at all the different diamonds for me. It's tough to buy a diamond not having seen it in person but I think your trained eye would do a better job than most people's including mine obviously. Thanks again for the great experience and I will surely be passing along word of you help to others."

P. Hargrave,
San Diego, CA

"I recently purchased for my fiancée a 1.81ct cushion cut diamond, I color, VS2 clarity, and excellent cut. I am extremely happy with my purchase! Prior to my purchase I shopped around with a handful of local jewelers and even local diamond brokers claiming to have the best prices around. During my shopping experience I was very adamant about not purchasing a diamond that I was unable to see prior to buying. However, after being extremely disappointed with the selection of diamonds and prices that the local jewelry stores had to offer I decided to try Lumera. I started by picking out four diamonds that met my criteria. I then submitted the list of diamonds to a consultant and asked his opinion of the ones I had chosen. He was extremely knowledgeable and helpful!! He responded to me within days of me contacting him with a narrative of his two favorite diamonds from my list. He even went further to recommend a slightly smaller diamond with a superior cut quality that was priced significantly better than the ones I had chosen. After a few phone conversations I was confident that his recommendation was the best choice. I received the diamond two days later and was extremely happy with it. Most importantly my fiancée loves the diamond and even her friend's comment how gorgeous and brilliant the diamond is. To give you a comparison of price, the diamond I purchased was 23% cheaper per ct. than the diamonds I looked at in the jewelry store. I would highly recommend Lumera Diamonds to anyone looking to purchase a great diamond at an excellent price. Do as I did and pick out a handful of diamonds from Lumera's website and get an opinion from one of their representatives. You will not be disappointed!"

M. Biales,
Fairview Heights, IL

"When I started looking for a diamond I had no idea what I was doing. After doing a fair amount of research, I stumbled upon Lumera. The resources on the website confirmed a lot of what I found in other places. I began making a list of diamonds and called to speak with a diamond consultant. My call was returned quickly and was very helpful in going over the pros and cons of each individual diamond. He even ruled out more expensive diamonds that I enquired about. He ended up recommending one that was not even listed on the site. I was a touch nervous about ordering over the internet but he assured me that the diamond I settled on fit all the criteria that I had laid out. When it arrived I was most pleased with the finished product. The customer service was excellent and the whole process was much less stressful than I had anticipated."

J. Wallace,
Lake View, IA

"Talked to a number of online Diamond sellers - and actually purchased 2 ct. Radiants with two retailers. Lumera was the most helpful on the phone, with better and more straightforward information on the diamond. Overall packaging and presentation was superior with Lumera as well. I was very pleased with the diamond, and felt like the detailed description given over the phone was much more accurate than the other diamond which I ultimately returned."

C. Wilson,
Temple Terrace, FL

"We bought a 1.25 carat Princess E color VS2 from Lumera. The consultant was helpful in making the decision. We initailly wanted a diamond a bit bigger with G-H color, S1. I asked his professional opinion and he suggested the 1.25, almost perfect Princess. We loved it and noticed it captured the light beautifully. As a result it appears bigger, especially after it was set. People can't help but notice it. Bonus, it was also less expensive than the other one. Like you, we were hesitant about making such a large purchase on the internet but it turned out fine. I love my diamond and enjoy wearing it. ."

S. Baron,
Washington, DC

"I purchased a diamond for an engagement ring from Lumera. I spent months looking at and discussing diamonds with local retailers. I finally narrowed down my diamond search, but did not feel comfortable with any of the retailers I visited, including ones reccomended to me by very close friends. They were not listening to my needs, did not take their time with me to answer specific questions and pressured me into buying what they currently had in stock. I never considered buying an item this expensive online but decided to do so at Lumera after reading their reviews, policies and dealing with their customer service. When I called, a representative took his time in answering all my questions and figuiring out exactly what I was looking for. I gave him the items #'s of diamonds I was looking at and he gave me his fair opinions on each. He then did his own search and found a diamond with the qualities I wanted within my budget. He told me how beautiful it looked. When the diamond arrived, it took my breath away! It was everything and more the representative told me. I will continue to recommend Lumera to anyone looking for a diamond."

A. Limberis,
Bronx, NY

"Lumera was great. There was a problem with our original diamond selection (a defect that didn't show up until they inspected it) we switched to a different one and they expedited it to us. I was originally worried about buying a diamond over the internet, but after checking into it, went ahead. We took it in for an appraisal, to a local jeweler who will be setting the diamond as well...and we were delighted with the results. I was very nervous throughout the process...and the consultant explained many things, and went above and beyond in helping us. Would buy again from Lumera without reservation."

J. Cassavaugh,
Acworth, GA

"I purchased a .94 ct. round diamond in a platinum engagement ring. Every step of the process I felt comfortable with the sales rep's advice and suggestions. And the website was very easy to navigate and quite informative. When I received the diamond, I was amazed at how beautiful it looked. It shined with a brilliant fire in natural sunlight and sparkled impressively indoors, as well. When I showed it to my girlfriend she was amazed at the quality and brilliance of the diamond. And the best part is that she said, Yes!" to my proposal. Thank you Lumera. I know I was able to purchase a beautiful diamond for about 30% less than it would have cost at a jewelery store."

B. Hagues,
Scottsdale, AZ

"My wife wanted a new diamond ring, so we came here at the recommendation of one of our friends who purchased the diamond for her wedding ring from Lumera. Having seen that ring, we came in with high expectations although with zero experience of an expensive diamond purchase. We kept interacting with the consultant offline who started us off on the choices, their respective cost and value. He was very helpful and his suggestions quickly stuck with our cost and preferences. We were very unsure when we started the process but by the time we received the diamond we felt we made a good decision, and satisfied too. To make it easier for the other newbies, we had started our diamond ring shopping process with Tiffany, what we ended up buying through Lumera was the same quality and certified diamond as them but about 45% cheaper and about 20% lesser cost than BlueNile. My wife loves her new ring and got what she wanted and loves wearing it."

V. Kumar,
Bellevue, WA

"Everything was delivered just as expected, although an option for next day delivery would have been great. Diamond is beautiful and appraised for more than was spent."

J. Brownhill,
Orlando, FL

"I was looking for a diamond between 1 and 1.5 ct for a custom-made ring for my love and found the perfect stone through the excellent Lumera website: Assher cut, 1.3ct, IF, G. I looked through quite a few websites and found Lumera provided the highest level of information, and safest return/refund policy which is important to me when you do purchase online, specifically from overseas! (UAE) The shipment was more than fast, received 4 days after payment. The diamond was set on the ring and my (now fiancée) was blown away by the beauty of the ring and purity of the stone! Great experience! Thank you for the great service!"

M. Al Kharfan,
Dubai, UAE

"I bought a GIA certified 1.5 carat round brilliant loose diamond, S12, Ex, Ex, Ex, I color. I spend about 40 hours of research on this major purchase, including going to four "brick and mortar" jewlery stores. I also did hours and hours of looking online at "bluenile" "J Allen" etc. The reason I went with Lumera diamonds was my consultant at Lumera. He scouted out stones that met my criteria and spent lots of time over the phone talking about the pros and cons of the diffrent stones. The thing I was most worried about was dropping to an SI2 in clarity because the stone I had worn for 12 years was a VS2 in clarity. He explained to me that if I wanted a 1.5 carat at my price point, I would need to consider SI2 stones. He reassured me any SI2 stone he found for me would be "eye clean." The stone is now set in a 6 prong, platnium, tiffany style setting and I have worn it for 2 weeks. I love it. The stone is eye clean with bright white color with lots of fire. Without hesitation, I would recommend Lumera Diamonds."

M. Austin,
Brunswick, ME

"I was searching for a loose diamond to set in an engagement ring for my fiancée and came across Lumera. I was pumped to learn that prices at Lumera were 40% cheaper than Zales, Robbin's Brother's, etc and roughly 10%-20% cheaper than the LA jewelry district. I received the diamond 2 days after payment. It was very securely packaged and came with a box, the GIA certificate, appraisal and other informational documents. I wasn't quite happy with the diamond brilliance and fire so I returned it. I'm very picky. The return was very smooth and they were very understanding and worked to make sure that the next diamond I received was perfect. I ordered a new diamond and received it again within 2 days. This time the diamond was exactly what I was looking for. It was bright, perfectly cut and a bit cheaper than the first diamond. Overall my experience with Lumera was fantastic. They was very helpful every step of the way and explained everything to me in detail. They responded to all my emails and calls within 2 to 3 hours. Overall, I couldn't be happier with my purchase and choice in using Lumera. 5 stars for service, 5 stars for product quality and 5 stars for their buy back/upgrade option and referal program."

S. Nunez,
Newport Beach, CA

"Most excellent experience. Saved about $2000 on the purchse of a 1.13 carat diamond. Had to switch the jewelers designing our ring because they were upset we bought our own stone, but it was well worth it. My interaction with Lumera was awesome. Efficient and to the point. Would recommend to anyone looking to purchase a diamond."

J. Steeg,
Midland, MI

"I recently purchased a diamond after doing much educational research, and visiting two local retail stores. Why did I buy from Lumera? First, the educational information on their site would have been sufficient for my purchase, if I had only gone there first. Everything I learned about the 4c's, especially cut quality, is on their site. And they are spot on when talking about retail store tactics. The second reason is selection. I had very narrow search criteria: GIA certified, 2 carat round diamond, with excellent cut, and after doing a little research, you'll find that is the only ones you should be considering anyway. Lumera separates the wheat from the chaff for you. Third, their prices were as good as any I found online, and the service was flawless. Fourth, my consultant provided pressureless service, which made me feel comfortable with process of buying a diamond online. All of these elements resulting in a purchase that she really loves!"

R. Getz,
Ogdensburg, NY

"After doing much research I was able to find the best value diamond from Lumera and it was beautiful! A+ customer service and fast delivery was a bonus. Also, you can't beat their benefits (return policy, upgrade options, etc.)."

J. Paz,
Melbourne, FL

"I can admit I am a difficult customer. I did a little too much research online about diamonds and became too picky about certain things and my fiancée could not afford me to be picky! I wanted to come as close as possible to a 1.5 carat princess cut within a reasonable price. I knew I would have to compromise one aspect like clarity or color, etc to get the size I want and the Lumera consultant really helped me find the best way to achieve that. I did not realize that the measurement of a princess cut plays a huge role on how big it looks. So I ended up with a 1.3 carat and am very happy with it. Lumera has a great 30 day return policy and I felt secure in making such a huge transaction with them. They do not charge your card until 3 days after you receive the diamond (however, they do pre-authorize your card)."

J. Timmerman,
Denver, CO

"Thank you very much for the opportunity of puchasing a diamond ring from your company. The beautiful 6 prong white gold setting fully highlights the brilliance of the diamond (1.5 VVS1 F XXX). Your price was the lowest we found after looking through web sites and requesting quotes from jewelry store owners and diamond district dealers in NY."

S. Goldstein,
New Hyde Park, NY

"Lumera Diamonds is by far the best diamond seller I've found. My bride loves her beautiful .75 CT radiant diamond, F color, VS2 clarity excellent cut. As a very picky and informed buyer, I checked every possible source I could find, from a long time personal friend jeweler, retail mall and big box jewelers, and numerous internet sources. Lumera had the best price and selection by far. When I took Lumera's quote to my jeweler he immediately said he couldn't touch the price, and when he saw the diamond he was very impressed. Lumera's customer service was top notch; once I purchased the stone, a representative was assigned and answered all my questions, guided me through the process and even sourced my wedding band (at a 20-40% discount from all other sources). I never got the run-around and always had a single knowledgeable point of contact with Lumera. I highly recommend them for all your diamond needs!"

S. Frame,
Sacramento, CA

"I designed a custom engagement ring as a surprise for my fiancée. I knew I wanted a 1 ct Princess cut and was willing to accept a mid-range quality for cost reasons. I shopped several local jewelers including the one casting the ring and setting the diamond. After I had those prices in hand I browsed a few online web sites for price comparisons including BlueNile and Lumera. Lumera seemed to have a larger selection in the range I was interested in than other online suppliers and prices seemed slightly better for a given quality. I narrowed the choice down to two Lumera diamonds, weighed the pros and cons and ordered one without ever communicating with any Lumera personnel. Shortly after ordering the diamond I got an email from a sales person offering to help choose a "nicer" diamond. I was leery about a high pressure up-sell, but to my surprise the sales person was very helpful and found a diamond with much higher quality (for the life of me, I can not find the flaws) for virtually the same price. It shipped on time, which was critical to my short timeline, and was everything I had hoped for in a diamond. I am very happy with every aspect of Lumera's part of the process and I will tell everyone I know who is in the market for a diamond to shop only at Lumera. Thank you very much! Happily Ever After"

M. Elshof,
Longmont, CO

"This past month my engagement diamond fell out and I lost it! I was crushed! I didn't have it insured, so it was an unexpected shock (especially financially) as my ring is over 23 years old and things have gone up in price quite a bit since then! I searched for hours and days online and in stores looking for the perfect replacement without breaking the bank! I recently found your website and was amazed at the easy of use and more importantly, the Live Chat option. I was nervous about purchasing something I couldn't see, but your adviser not only helped me narrow down my choices, but also helped me choose the right diamond for my taste and my wallet. For me, I knew the cut had to be Excellent, but I struggled with not being sure if I should spend more for better clarity (VS1,VS2) or get a larger diamond with higher color (J,K) and that's where your adviser REALLY helped me. There was no pressure involved in the Chat just very helpful information. She was able to give me answers to all my questions and find diamonds that I didn't discover on my own from your site. I purchased a SI1,color "I", EX,VG,VG .59ct diamond. Due to my budget and the advise, I bought color "I". I was kind of nervous...but when the diamond arrived, I was speechless! The diamond is so clear and looks colorless! There is so much "fire" in the diamond too (credited to the excellent cut)! Everyone I showed it to was amazed at the beauty even the jeweler who was going to mount it for me was amazed! I have to say, it's even better than the diamond that I lost from my original engagement ring! In addition, the packaging and presentation of the actual loose diamond was excellent! Top notch! AAA+++ I am so pleased with my purchase that I wanted to let you know and to let others know! I was able to get the right diamond for my budget thanks to your awesome adviser. I have told everyone I know about your website and service! I will be sure to be back in the future for my next diamond! Thanks so much!"

K. Short,
Bakersfield, CA

"Going into the buying process I knew very little about diamonds and was reluctant to make such a large purchase over the internet, site unseen. Lumera's website was very informative and easy to navigate. I was able to compare several different diamonds in a short amount of time....which would have taken weeks at local jewelers. They were also helpful in answering questions to help narrow the search. After the purchase, I was very satisfied with the diamond, as it was exactly what I expected. She gets compliments on her ring daily from friends, co-workers, and complete strangers. I would highly recommend considering Lumera when engaging in the diamond buying process."

D. Biales,
Freeburg, IL

"My fiancé and I worked together to find a diamond for an engagement ring. We ended up purchasing a .72 ct excellent cut round diamond. We considered shopping at jewelry stores in the area or other online vendors, but Lumera had the best prices, and complete transparency of what exactly we were purchasing. The process of purchasing the diamond was simple, although there was still some anxiety for making such a large purchase. However, we had it appraised for more than $1500 over the purchase price and we are very happy with our purchase. We appreciate that Lumera took the time to make sure we were completely satisfied."

T. Grove,
Ann Arbor, MI

"Due to my line of work, I had an opportunity to learn about cut grades and the grading system and for not being in the industry I had quite a bit of knowledge. The representative was able to assist me extremely well and even gave me a bit of pointers I was not aware of. He didn't hesitate to recommend diamonds that were even under the original diamond's price, but in the same range. The only concern I had was that I could not see the diamond myself to see if the inclusions were visible to the naked eye, if they would be covered up in the ring, etc. But the representative confirmed that it would not be visible, and indeed that was the case. Overall, the customer service was top-notch, price was one of the lowest I found on the internet, and Lumera recommended diamonds that had the most bang for the buck. It was a great experience and I have been recommending it to everyone else (I can only do this because my proposal was a success haha)."

B. Rinaldi,
Huntington Beach, CA

"My fiancé purchased a .70 Carat Princess Cut Diamond, D Color, VVS2 Clarity, Excellent Cut, from Lumera for our engagement ring. The diamond is absolutely beautiful, the service exemplary. We reside in Australia and the diamond was delivered within 7 days of the order being placed. The whole transaction was first class as is the diamond. Not to mention the Life-Time Guarantee. Thank you, from both of us."

J. Mobbs,
Batehaven, Australia

"I recently bought a round brilliant 0.90 ct, D color, VS1 ex, ex, ex diamond from Lumera which I then had set into an engagement ring. The first time I looked I had just suggested to my girlfriend that same day over lunch that we go looking at rings together. So I went with my fiancée to the top recommended jewelers on yelp in the jewelry district in LA, and we saw a few diamonds and a few settings. I learned a whole lot about GIA grading and diamonds then and there, along with what size diamond my girlfriend wanted. We then went looking in Beverly Hills the following day before I had to fly back to London. Well, between my leaving LA and my return I was in regular contact with a number of the jewelers we had visited, discussing the diamond and the setting, having now got very clear on the diamond and the setting that I wanted. Since I knew I would be back in LA in 3 months time, and I had already proposed and given my now fiancee my ring to wear in the meantime, I gave four or five of these jewelers - 2 months to source a diamond such as the ones they had already shown me just a couple of weeks before. I also decided to continue searching online, which is when I came across Lumera. I initiated a couple of live chats and they confirmed what I had already learned from the stores I had been into, so I continued to read their guarantees, as I was just not totally confident about buying online. And their prices were also lower than I would be able to get on the high street for any comparable diamond. Time went on, and none of the stores I had asked were able to source a diamond that fitted my specifications, although I had consistently been able to find diamonds on Lumera myself. With only a week to go before my return to LA, and still no other jewelers being able to supply what I was after, I decided to trust that it would all work out great with Lumera. And I'm so glad I did. They arranged delivery of the diamond via Fedex, for the day I landed back in LA, at no risk to myself, with great communication via phone and email throughout this process, to the point that I had them put delivery on hold for 24 hrs to ensure my flight would land in time for me to be there when it arrived! Well that day I went with my fiancee and found a setting that she loves, and we had the diamond set there and then. We got married the following week, and my wife has commented how much she LOVES the diamond, and just how perfect it is, practically every day since, sometimes a couple of times a day, so much so she loves to see it sparkle whenever it catches the light. So from being dubious about buying online, I am now a huge fan. Lumera service and guarantees are exceptional."

M. Craig,
Surrey, UK

"We received the 1.26 Oval D VS2 today, and my wife loves this diamond more than the first one that was lost! It cost us $1,250 less buying at Lumera vs. a local jeweler where we previously viewed the exact GIA diamond. After receiving the diamond earlier today, we took it straight to the jeweler that is designing the replacement ring. Ironically, he was upset he could not find it to sell to us; even though, he had five weeks to look for the diamond. I am looking forward to the $200 referral fee I will be getting when I refer my friend who will be getting engaged soon. Thanks for all your help! Kindest regards,"

R. Kramer,
Stroudsburg, PA

"Being a novice when it comes to jewelry, I decided to do some research before setting out to purchase my engagement ring. I went to a few stores to get a feel for what the actual diamond I was looking for looked like in a specific setting. After a tedious couple hours at the store, I decided on the ring I wanted and decided to go through Lumera to purchase it. I called up a consultant, who was extremely helpful and actually guided me through the various nuances of purchasing a diamond. I told him what I was generally looking for and he actually downsold me due to similar characteristics in the various rings I was looking at. He was extremely patient and understanding, answering all my dumb questions. Since I couldnt actually see the diamonds with my own eye, it was nice to have a trained expert on it who is going to do way better than me anyways in signaling out flaws, etc. He even searched for diamonds that weren't on the website."

P. Hargrave,
San Diego, CA

"I worked with a consultant, and knew very little about diamonds when first going into the process of buying an engagement ring. The consultant was more than I ever expected when it came to helping me understand what stones would match exactly what I was looking for. No up-selling, no smoke and mirrors, just top quality, certified, and appraised stones. I honestly can't thank you enough and would recommend you to anyone looking to buy diamonds. Oh.. and she said YES!"

D. Hill,
St. Charles, MO

"This past November I purchased a 2.28 ct. GIA certified SI2, G color princess cut diamond from Lumera. I had been searching for months and I knew specifcally what I wanted in a diamond. I searched at local jewelry stores and other diamond websites. BUT, my experience with Lumera was the best by far. The consultant felt he could provide me with a diamond of my specifications and stay well within my budget. That proved to be true. He and Lumera were completely professional and represented a true description of the diamond I was about to purchase. Lumera's pricing was better than any of the other diamonds which I had shopped for. The packaging was pristine, which included a box for my loose diamond, an appraisal and the GIA certificate. Lumera followed up within minutes of knowing the FEDEX location was in receipt of my diamond. Lumera wanted to know if I was happy with my purchase and we were in touch that same day. The customer service, pricing, and representation of the diamond were truly fantastic! Thanks to Lumera, I finally was able to get the diamond I had been looking for!"

F. Carr,
Nashua, NH

"I recently purchased a diamond and couldn't be more happy. The entire purchase went very well from ordering to delivering on time. When I received the diamond it was even more beautiful then I expected; and when I brought it in to my local jewelers it was valued at twice what I had paid!"

B. Peters,
Minnetonka, MN

"As of last Friday I got my ring with the diamond set in it! I love it and the diamond is absolutely gorgeous! You were outstanding in helping me find the diamond I was looking for. It was such a scary thing to make a purchase like this using the internet but in the end I believe not only did I get a great deal, my knowledge of diamonds has increased so much. One thing I like to point out to people when I tell them how I went about choosing the diamond was the incident where I almost bought a 1.91 ct diamond, and had 2 jewelers tell me it was a great buy and that I wouldn't get any better, but you were the one to give the most honest review of the diamond and let me know exactly why you would not have chosen that one for me when I could still find a better deal with a better diamond. In the end I got a larger diamond of better quality for $2,000 less. That's a big deal! I use this example to show people how objective you were the entire time, not simply trying to make a sale like so many others I had talked to out there. The other thing which made my experience very positive was that Lumera cared about my satisfaction. You made it very easy for me to feel comfortable about what we had purchased before charging our card. That was excellent and helped ease my concerns about buying off the internet. Thanks again for your help! I'm very happy I went the route I did in choosing you and would recommend you to anyone!"

T. Webb,
Bothell, WA

"The whole diamond buying experience was great! The diamond surpassed my expectations and for a low price as well. Delivery was seamless and confident. Nothing but praise all around!"

L. Fishgold,
Miami, FL

"So I was looking for a cushion cut diamond for an engagement ring. I looked at retail stores and also online dealers. The retail stores were just a joke on how much they were charging, the online stores varied in prices. Lumera had very competitive prices, but it was not the price that sold me, it was working with the consultant. When I first spoke to him he listened to exactly what I wanted. The next day he emailed me a few stones that he thought fit exactly what I needed. He actually suggested a stone that was lower in price by a few thousand than the one I was interested in. He made it clear that I could not tell the difference and the stone looks amazing. Well I went with his advice, and he was correct. The diamond looked perfect, clear, white and amazing. I knew he was the right dealer, who advises a customer to choose a less expensive diamond? I really feel that he had my best interest at heart. I can't say enough. If you want great honest advice, and very competitive price on diamonds this is the place. Trust me it looks better than any Tiffany diamond and half the cost."

F. Wong,
he Emeryville, CA

"I shopped around A LOT before making my purchase with Lumera, and can honestly say that their prices and customer service were by far the best I have found. I purchased a 1.10 carat cushion cut diamond which I am planning to give to my girlfriend sometime in the near future. At my local mall the same diamond is more than double what I paid. If you go to NYC, you mostly get shady and high pressure sales people who usually have no return policy, or trade in policy. The only thing i don't like about lumera's trade in policy is you can only upgrade every five years. I liked the big selection, and the fact that they only sell diamonds adds a little confidence as a consumer because when that's all you sell you need to know what you're doing. The live chat is very helpful and knowledgeable as well. Overall I'd say my experience with lumera diamonds was great."

J. De Basio,
Middletown, CT

"I recently purchased a diamond from Lumera and I could not be happier with my choice. I did some research online and took the time to go to a local jeweler so that I could see some stones in person (highly recommend) to zero in on the color and clarity I was comfortable with. I contacted Lumera who helped me choose a stone that fit my criteria and not only were they super helpful but the diamond was MUCH cheaper. I was a bit skeptical at first but grew comfortable with the purchase knowing that a consultant would actually have a chance to look at the stone before it shipped to me (not the case with bluenile). I had it set in a presentation setting and when I received it, I could not be happier with it. I had the chance to surprise my now fiancée with the ring and we recently went and picked out the setting at a local jeweler. I was very satisfied with the whole process and am very grateful for the consultant's help."

M. Khalamayzer,
Boston, MA

"I would like to thank Lumera. I found the representative that was assiged to me to be very helpful. On one occasion I was interested in a diamond that was large for my price range and quality range. I did not know about "flouro" but he was able to teach me the downfall of high fluoro combined with a deep cut and convinced me to hold off. There was no rush to just make a sale. I ended up with a 1.2 ct, VS2, excellant cut, H color diamond that my girlfriend, now fiancée, is proud to wear. It appraised several thousand dollars higher than what I paid, and both the jeweler and the appraiser were impressed by the quality of the stone. I must admit I was nervous to buy the diamond online but am now a satisfied customer. The only glitch was having to chase the FEDX truck down some dirt roads as I went to the post office the same 10 minutes that the FEDEX truck arrived. I was too excited to wait another day, so I had to find that truck!!"

E. Adams,
Thompson, PA

"We worked with a diamond consultant (Joe Brehob), an amazing source for all diamond information -- he was beyond professional, very helpful, and extremely honest. We wouldn't go through anyone else. When we first contacted Joe, we wanted something unique and a little out of the ordinary -- he picked a beautiful 1.11 ct cushion cut that exceeded our expectations (but not our budget). The stone is simply amazing!! Our order came securely shipped through fedex overnight -- it's good to know that any future order will come with extra piece of mind since we will be back to purchase a match for an heirloom diamond we recently inherited. Thanks again Lumera for the excellent experience!!!"

K. Thompson,
Earth City, MO

"The VERY BEST place to buy your diamond. Lumera Diamonds has the best prices you will find locally or on the web, believe me. I received prices from three different companies on the exact diamond I purchased from Lumera Diamonds and they were the best priced."

C. Zobec,
Palm City, FL

"I had a great experience with my diamond purchase. The consultant was a pleasure to deal with and was very responsive to my questions. I purchased a 1.5 carat, E, VS1 diamond and have since had it appraised. I can tell you that I am more than happy with the results."

C. Rich,
Las Vegas, NV

"I am extremely satisfied with the beautiful round .45 ct. diamond earrings. About a year ago you spent time with my husband and I discussing by telephone the diamond education that enabled us to decide what we were looking for. When we contacted you this spring about purchasing earrings you were meticulous in selecting the match of the stones, and the color, cut , clarity and ctw. we were looking for within our price range. Also your communication and timely contact was excellent. I had wanted quality diamond studs for many years and these certainly meet my expectations. Thank you again,"

A. Rosborough,
La Center, WA

"Did my research on a 2 ct+ brilliant Round Diamond XXX,shopped the local jewelers and internet sites. Talked to Joe Brehob and he was the best. No pressure, excellent guidance; he found my diamond,in my price range. Had the diamond set at my local jewelry store, in a solitare ring. Was given an appraisel worth five thousand more then what I paid for the diamond. I paid using a wire transfer and shipped it to a Fedex pickup site. Absolutely no problems and would highly recommend for any price diamonds. You won't beat their prices anywhere."

J. Szumigala,
Amherst NY

"We are absolutely thrilled with the diamond. And we are just as pleased with the service. The notion of buying a diamond online was something that hadn't even occurred to me until I began researching on the internet the type and quality of diamond I wanted. I found several online retailers, almost all of whom guaranteed the lowest price. Thus, I began looking at reviews and references and Lumera seemed to rank consistently near the top. After buying the first diamond, and realizing that a bigger diamond would be more appropriate, I relied completely upon you to make the choice. Not only did you come through with flying colors, you didn't try to "upsell" me -- instead you went directly to the diamond you thought fit my needs. I can't tell you how much I appreciate your efforts. I also can't tell you how rare it is, in today's world, to find such an extraordinary level of customer service."

T. Smock,
Richmond, IN

"I proposed on July 1st and I owe it ALL to Lumera. I did not buy the actual ring from Lumera, but I bought one of the prettiest diamonds I have EVER seen. I purchased a .73 ct, princess cut diamond and it was beyond spectactular!!! It was truly amazing!! Everyone at Lumera helped me along the way, it was the best experience that anyone could ask for. Everyone that is thinking of buying a diamond, buy from wont be sorry!!!"

A. Cook,
Chesterfield, VA

"Very happy indeed. The diamond is great and Amy (my now fiancée) is very pleased also. It was a painless experience and I loved the fact that you could chat to me like you did over the internet. It makes buying internationally a lot easier! Many thanks."

O. Richards,
Manly Vale, Australia

"Purchased a high quality replacement 0.35 ct. diamond for my wife's solitare. My consultant was extremely helpful in evaluating the options and ensuring it could be shipped to an alternate location that would result in the surprise I was planning for my wife at Christmas. He was even able to quickly recommend and obtain an alternate diamond to the one we had selected when the inspection showed that the originally selected diamond was not really the quality that I was seeking. The price and service was excellent and we are very happy with the purchase. "

B. Tucker,
St. Peters, MO

"The Diamond: Princess, GIA, 1.52ct (6.40x6.33x4.64), H Color, VS1 Clarity, EX Cut/Polish/Symmetry. The Background: Resolved to buy a loose diamond online, after researching literally for years. Initially thought it would be from BlueNile, but happened to stumble onto Lumera's website, and was pleased with their selection and pricing. The Experience: Contacted customer service, and ended up speaking at length with the owner multiple times, as well as via email. Quick to return a phone/email, very patient and understanding, and extremely knowledgeable. Once we worked out the most important aspects of my purchase, he helped me zero in on several diamonds that were within my price range. Concerned that my future fiance would be home when the delivery arrived, Lumera facilitated a delivery to my nearest FedEx retail location, where I picked it up. For those wary of purchasing a diamond sight-unseen, fear not. Nothing about the diamond or setting disappointed me, it was more than I could ever have expected for the price I paid, had I went the brick & mortar retail route. The service provided, coupled with the lifetime trade-up program and free written appraisal that none of the others provided tipped the scales greatly in Lumera's favor."

D. Heally,
Beaverton, OR

"My fiancée loves the diamond. I am completely satisfied with the diamond, the price, your honest dealing and superb customer service. I will definitively recommend Lumera to anyone seeking a high quality diamond at a fair price. Thanks again. Best wishes,"

R. Attanasio,
Freehold, NJ

"We just came back from the honeymoon so now I have more time to sit down and leave you a feedback. I want to thank Lumera Diamonds for providing excellent Service. I've never actually made an online purchase before and so I was quite hesitant of laying down such a large sum of money. However, after searching the internet for hours I was unable to find even one mention of an unhappy customer and after I received the diamond I understood why you don't have any unhappy customers. The diamond was actually more beautiful than its specifications, and my expectations. I could not be happier with the way it turned out. My husband and I are very impressed by how gorgeous and fiery it is. I want to thank you for your support and an extremely fast shipping as you promised."

L. Phan,
Montreal, Canada

"The diamond is spectacular. Thanks so much for taking the time to look around for such an excellent cut, it really makes a difference. We have received many compliments on the diamond, and the backup appraisal confirmed it was worth more than what I paid."

T. Weis,
Davis, CA

"My dealings with Lumera regarding the diamond purchase were quite professional and honest. Everything you discussed with me and promised were correct and on time. Your patience in teaching me all the intricacies of the diamond world was enlightening and entertaining as I enjoy knowing as much as possible. If I knew anyone who might entertain the idea of getting married, I'd certainly recommend your services. It is rare that I find as good a service as I did with your company. My fiancée and I are quite happy and will be wed in three weeks. Please feel free to use my recommendation as you please."

S. Wallace,
Lake Forest, CA

"I would like to inform you that I received the diamond today. The stone is exactly what i expected and is really WAUWW...!!! I want to thank you for your support and the excellent and quick shipping to Germany. I wish you all the best."

M. Heck,
Nordhorn, Germany

"The entire experience was very superior. Your advice and your making the final selection "by eyeball" was much more than I expected from an online service, and the outcome is terrific. The diamond was mounted in a platinum setting by a local jeweler (Hamilton in Palm Beach Gardens). The jeweler agreed that the Lumera diamond was a very fine stone (and assessed the retail value at about $12,000 more than I paid, the same amount you had suggested for insurance). All in all, I can't imagine a better way to buy a diamond than through Lumera, and I will repeat that to anyone who asks."

Z. Shipley,
West Palm Beach, FL

"I proposed last weekend and she said YES! She is absolutely obsessed with the diamond. She will not stop looking at it and has had numerous compliments on the diamond. We are stopping into a jeweler tomorrow to look at settings. Thank you so much for all of your help and assistance. I could not be happier with the way it turned out."

M. Leffler,
St. Louis, MO

"I love my ring. But more important the diamond. Buying such an expensive item, particularly a diamond, online is nerve racking, but you made it very easy. Your website is very user friendly, customer service knowledgeable and courteous. Delivery was fast and impeccably packed. Thank you for a wonderful experience."

N. Shifrina,
Jersey City, NJ

"I am more than satisfied with my purchase and experience. I really liked the chat function where I could be in direct contact with a consultant as I'm looking through the diamonds. Since not all diamonds are available online, it was nice that you were able to find others not listed that fit the criteria I was looking for. And even though I chatted/spoke with different consultants, you all kept detailed notes so I never had to "start over". Another key feature I really appreciated was the option to ship to a FedEx location to maintain the secrecy. Overall, it was a convenient, transparent, and simple process that made a decent sized purchase a more comfortable one. Thank you again for your personal consultation... it was one of the main reasons why I had such a positive experience."

S. Chao,
Yorba Linda, CA

"I received the package, had the diamond independently appraised, and I am incredibly happy with my purchase! I thank you and the entire Lumera team for an incredibly easy and successful transaction! With appreciation,"

D. Ryan,
Nashville, TN

"Just letting you know that I received the diamond. So fast! What a beautiful cut, the fire and brightness of it when exposed to the light is incredible. This is exactly the kind of ring I was looking for, the setting is beautiful as well. Overall it's more than I expected, and I'm completely happy with my choice. I was lucky to have chosen your company for my purchase; both the quality of service and the honesty I received from you is very much appreciated. It was truly a pleasure, and I'm sure my girlfriend will love her ring. I'll be sure to recommend your store to anyone I know who's thinking of buying a diamond, and let me know if you need some sort of testimonial, I'd be happy to oblige :) Thanks again for your help, all the best!"

F. Oue,
Tochigi-ken, Japan

"I picked up the diamond this morning and it does look absolutely exquisite. Went to the jewelry store and gave them the diamond to put in the setting. The diamond looked absolutely gorgeous under the microscope and I was able to confirm the GIA inscription too. I'm very impressed with Lumera and the service I got, not to mention the price. I'd be happy to recommend Lumera to my friends and family. Thanks again!"

A. Alexander,
Bellevue, WA

"The diamond is fantastic and so was my experience! I have already recommended you guys to a couple friends that are looking to upgrade. Thank you!!!"

S. Parrish,
San Diego, CA

"Thank you for your help in finding an awesome diamond. The appraisal is exactly what I was hoping to see, as my particular diamond appraised for about 45% more than I paid for it. I have not yet taken it to get appraised by a second outside source, which I do plan on doing, but so far so good. The moral of the story is the diamond is beautiful, looks great, and is what I was hoping to find. Thank you for your help with the process, it went smoothly and I was happy all the way around. The diamond is awesome, and so is Lumera!"

Z. Kalder,
Virginia Beach, VA

"The diamond is exquisite, and everything I hoped it would be. We are both thrilled with it. You were truly fantastic to work with. I would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone in the market for a diamond. Thank you for everything! See you in 5 years when I upgrade to 5 cts... HA!"

S. Stevens,
Wachtung, NJ

"Everything was absolutely perfect! Exceeded my expectations in terms of the diamond. Thank you!"

M. Sabich,
Reno, NV

"I love the diamond and my wife thinks it's gorgeous! Thanks so much for all your expertise! I tried to take a picture of it when we were in maui but the pic didn't look very good so I didn't send it. The 3ct. diamond is beautiful though in the setting. Hope all is well."

S. Broughton,
Puyallup, WA

"Everything worked out perfect. The diamond and the ring are stunning! The good news too was that she said yes! The whole experience dealing with you was great and I wouldn't suggest you change a thing."

A. Tanner,
San Jose, CA

"I am extremely satisfied with the diamond ring, with the resizing and your overall service. I will be a repeat customer which mean I am now a former [another online retailer] customer. Keep up with the good service."

V. Chan,
Vallejo, CA

"My fiancée really loves the diamond you suggested. I appreciated your phone call explaining the drawback of my initial selection and proposing the alternative diamond I ended up getting. I had the diamond independently appraised and it checked out exactly as the GIA certificate and Lumera appraisal indicated. Overall, the price and service were both amazing. Thanks for all your help in the process."

T. Vallette,
Los Angeles, CA

"Thank you for the follow up. I am very pleased. The quality was exactly what I was hoping for, and the price allowed me to make a substantial jump in size and color. The diamond is being set and should be ready soon. Thank you for all of your help. I look forward to doing business with you again soon."

S. Broome,
Irving, TX

"I wanted to thank you for all your help with my purchase. Everything went very smoothly. My wife was completely surrprised. The gift in fact had the effect I was hoping for: she felt appreciated at a crucial time. The physical reminder helped her get through a very difficult period. Thank G-d, she is doing very well and on her way to a complete recovery. Everyday she has said to me that her husband gave her this beautiful ring. But it wouldn't have been possible without your great service. Thanks again,"

D. Reed,
Suffern, NY

"So the overall experience was great! I really appreciate how you spent the time and effort to search for the right diamond for what I needed. It was nice that you didn't just try to sell me the most expensive diamond. Also, you were very responsive and quick to get back to me. The guarantees that Lumera had were definitely a huge selling point.... like the 30 day return policy and the lifetime trade-up. The actual delivery came on-time as promised. Your prices were definitely the best online that I found. Thanks for making this experience a painless one! The diamond looks great and she loves it!"

E. Nguyen,
Los Angeles, CA

"The diamond was a great value. I had the diamond set and gave the ring to her Saturday afternoon, she did say yes and was blown away! Again, the diamond was a great value and I appreciate your honesty and help throughout the process. Thank You,"

I. Crane,
Wichita, KS

"I was completely satisfied with the diamond I received. It was perfect for what I needed and it beat my expectations as for what I wanted visually, for sure. Even under the scope, when I had it set, it was amazing looking. Thank you very much for helping me; I spent many hours dealing with other places and your website was great compared to others"

J. Ortega,
Camp Verde, AZ

"After receiving the diamond we purchased, my wife and I took it to our local jeweler to put into her 30 year old engagement ring that she lost the diamond from. She was a little heartbroken over losing the original diamond, but the jeweler was impressed with the quality of the diamond that we selected. When he told her this it made her feel all better. I did tell her that this one would have to last till we die, but she did seem ok with that. She loves the way it sparkles. We are both thrilled with our purchase. Thank you,"

D. Knill,
Lindenhurst, IL

"We just got the diamond back from mounting and it is gorgeous. I had all the measurements checked locally and it's exactly what I wanted. Thank you for all your help; your service and prices are top notch. I will not hesitate to recommend you to friends. I was scared to purchase a diamond online but your return policy helped remove my doubts. The jeweler who had the diamond set was impressed, I would not have been able to find a similar diamond locally. Thanks again."

J. Cerra,
Seattle, WA

"I was very satisfied with the experience and the diamond. It was exactly as advertised; and way, way, way less expensive (Almost too good to be true) than what I would have paid in a retail store, and also cheaper than any other reputable sites that sell diamonds. I got it appraised by an independent appraiser and it was worth a lot more than I paid for it. It came with everything you said it would, even something extra with the refer a friend deal. Overall my experience with you all was exceptional, and I appreciate all the help that you gave me!"

F. Marks,
Baton Rouge, LA

"She said yes . . . last weekend! She was blown away by the ring and has heard from multiple people that it's the most beautiful diamond that they've ever seen. Thanks for the role you played in it. A memory, and shopping experience, not soon to be forgotten."

B. Schick,
Sunnyvale, CA

"I would like to express my appreciation for your outstanding service; delivered on time, well packaged with impressive documentation. You are a class act. This diamond replaced the original that I gave my wife in 1971, which she unfortunately lost from the setting. She is thrilled. If I were asked for a recommendation on where to buy a diamond, Lumera would be at the top of my list without any reservations. Thanks again,"

R. Weidman,
Crofton, MD

"First off, I thank you so very much for the quality of service I have received from Lumera Diamonds. The website was infinitely helpful and I found exactly what I was looking for from the quality to the exact price range that I wanted. I am a Sergeant serving with the South Carolina National Guard and I was able to view the ring through a web camera due to the fact I am currently involved in a field exercise; but I must say that even over the internet its the most beautiful thing short of my girlfriend's smile that I have ever seen. I plan on asking her the weekend we return and I can't wait to see the look on her face. I thank you once again and I'm very glad to have done business with you."

J. Billings,
Williamston, SC

"The diamond is amazing; I woudn't have chose any other. Thank you for everything."

M. Ebrahim,
Irvine, CA

"I am delighted to tell you that Deena and I are happily engaged. The ring arrived in a wonderful package to my jeweler. I had already picked out the ring and he had the diamond set in a few days. The diamond is absolutely beautiful. I am very pleased with the service and advice I received throughout the process and would highly recommend Lumera to all my friends."

N. Felemban,
Watertown, MA

"The staff was very helpful in helping me select the PERFECT diamond, and the quality is superb. Not only that, but I've searched literally hundreds of web sites, and Lumera sells some of the lowest priced diamonds on the market. I also loved how they packaged everything from the diamond, itself, to how the appraisal, lifetime warranty, etc. were presented."

J. Chu,
Coraopolis, PA

"I wanted to personally Thank You very much for all your assistance. It has been such a pleasure dealing with you on the purchase of my fiancée's loose diamond. As I was quite particular with the stone (GIA 1.80 carat round brilliant, triple Ex, G, VS2), you were able to thoroughly answer my questions and concerns and make me feel comfortable throughout the whole process. And your price was outstanding! It could not be beat anywhere else. My fiancée LOVED it and is so excited to show it off to everyone. And let me tell you, we have so many positive comments on how beautiful it is. As I have been everywhere else in store and online to search, I can only recommend Lumera Diamonds to anyone looking for the perfect engagement diamond. I'll talk to you when we upgrade in the future!"

E. Paraso,
Chatsworth, CA

"We just love the diamond. It is gorgeous. I was a little nervous about buying one online, but your web site was very easy to use and provided a lot of education. You were very helpful and never pushed me. I felt like I was looking at that diamond through your eyes as you described it to me while on the phone with me. Thank you so much for your help."

M. Lavelle,
Medford Lakes, NJ

"Just received my diamond and it was exactly what I had in my mental image. Great colour dispersal, set beautifully, I'm so glad I sent the one from the other retailer back; my girlfriend wanted to keep it, wait till she sees this one. I just want to keep looking at it! An extremely satisfied customer."

A. McCrone,
Stirling, United Kingdom

"First off, I thank you so very much for the quality of service I have received from Lumera Diamonds. The website was infinitely helpful and I found exactly what I was looking for from the quality to the exact price range that I wanted. I am a Sergeant serving with the South Carolina National Guard and I am currently involved in a field exercise. I must say that its the most beautiful thing short of my girlfriend's smile that I have ever seen. I plan on asking her the weekend I return, and I can't wait to see the look on her face. I thank you once again and I'm very glad to have done business with you."

S. Billings,
Williamston, SC

"I LOVE MY DIAMOND!!!!! I've already told my good friends about it. I can hardly wait until my setting gets here on Thursday. I'm so glad that I took your advise and that I found you. I'm very well pleased. OMG, far better than what I expected. Thanks so much for putting up with me. :)"

N. Evans,
Columbia, SC

"Thanks for your assistance throughout this process. I am very pleased with the diamond itself and it looks great with the single halo with pave diamonds down the side. My fiancée is thrilled at how the ring came out. You did a great job with the service and you were very courteous and prompt with replies and assistance. I appreciate all your help."

S. Desai,
Shelton, CT

"Lumera has the easiest website to navigate. I had no problem finding the perfect diamond for my bride. Great price, great shipping, excellent documentation and a beautiful stone! We'll be back in the future."

D. Sieg,
Twin Lakes, WI

"Thank you so much for being the excellent online jeweler. You answered all my questions, and I was able to get personal assistance from start to finish. My fiancée loves the diamond and my appraiser had many good things to say. I'm trying to find a way to put out a great word for all future diamond buyers to check Lumera out first. I would strongly recommend anyone looking for the perfect diamond to shop with your store."

J. Hun,
Los Angeles, CA

"Do know I picked up the diamond today from FedEx. It is absolutely beautiful and I cannot wait to pop the question just so she can see it too. Thank you also for making the delivery process as smooth as possible, you handled it all professionally and now I have my engagement ring right when promised! Hopelessly excited,"

T. Markley,
Mauldin, SC

"The diamond looks amazing. I will be having it set this week. I appreciate your help and will definitely be back when I am ready to buy another stone. Thanks again,"

S. Sims,
Houston, TX

"Lumera Diamonds is THE place to buy loose diamonds. Joe is fantastic and helped me find exactly what I need. I shopped with several online diamond sites, but you were the most honest and straightforward. Other online retailers seemed to pressure me into making an immediate decision. You, on the other hand took the time to personally examine each diamond before shipping a single one out to even dissuaded me from buying a $13,000 diamond because you did not think it was exactly what I was looking for! At that point I knew I wanted to buy through Lumera! With a little more work, you found a gorgeous 2.02 carat G color, SI1 diamond with an excellent cut for thousands less than other online retailers! I am now happily engaged and she absolutely loves the diamond. Sometimes I'll catch her just sitting there staring at it!"

R. Boyle,
Lafayette, LA

"I received the diamond and ring today and it is just what I wanted. Thank you for all the help; I will definitely recommend you to friends in the future."

J. Liebsch,
Norfolk, VA

"The proposal went off without a hitch and Melissa loved the diamond and ring. It truly is a gorgeous diamond and I'm so glad to have had the chance to work with you. Thanks again for all your help."

B. Mansel,
Baton Rouge, LA

"We found the buying experience and documents to be excellent. I found the packaging to be superior. The diamond was exactly as described. Today the diamond sits on my fiancée's ring finger after having a mounting designed by a local jeweler. Thank you for the very positive buying experience."

M. Bonner,
O'Fallon, MO

"The earrings look great!!! - She loves them. Thanks again for all your help!"

C. Manor,
Raleigh, NC

"I received the diamond and am having it mounted. It looks great and I appreciate all the time and effort you put in helping me to pick it out. I had been working with [another online retailer] and wasn't really impressed with their customer service. My choice was easy after talking with you and receiving such good advice and the time you took in explaining everything to me. Your helpfulness was key in getting me to choose your company. Thanks again,"

T. Wesolowski,
Pittsburgh, PA

"Everything was great. The diamond was exactly what I thought it would be and was much higher quality than anything I could find in a local jewelry store."

J. Remund,
New Orleans, LA

"I just gave Jenny her ring on Saturday night, and she loves it! I had a great experience with your service and really did appreciate your help; you made it very comfortable buying a diamond online/having it shipped to me. I was very nervous about it, but everything was made very easy for me."

P. Blakery,
Chicago, IL

"Thank you. The diamond is beautiful. I really appreciate all of your help and hard work."

J. Rush,
Chapel Hill, NC

"Denise loved the diamond and I was also very pleased with the entire package. Hell, I look forward to working with you again. Anniversary is right around the corner! Thanks again for your effort. I feel much more comfortable and better educated now. Your patience was appreciated. All the best,"

A. O'Toole,
Spotsylvania, VA

"Thank you soooo much! The stone is drop dead gorgeous!"

D. Merill,
Camas, WA

"I just received the ring and it is fantastic! I have to say a big thank you for everything! I wish you the best; keep up the good work and make people all over the world happy by helping them choose the right diamond."

P. Mavridis,
Chania, Greece

"I choose Lumera because of your prices and excellent customer service. I spoke online with a diamond representative on a Sunday afternoon some months ago. Although I hadn't been looking for advice (I didn't initiate the conversation), the chat session was very helpful and informative. It provided not only valuable information about buying diamonds, but also ideas for the whole proposal process. Even when competitors' prices were close, the excellent service easily tipped the scales."

E. Duncan,
Corpus Christi, TX

"I like all the diamonds I received very much! Thanks again for your service and I hope to get your help in the future."

F. Xue,
Shanghai, China

"I received the diamond and it exceeds my expectations. Thank you so much for your help in selecting it. I think if I'd been left to my own devices I would have gotten a smaller, slightly higher graded diamond that cost more and didn't look as good! I'm very excited about the diamond and the ring it is going in. Thanks again, I think my fiancée-to-be will be very happy."

D. Fitzgerald,
Lake Charles, LA

"Got the earrings and they are beautiful! Can't wait to have them set. Thanks again for all your help."

A. Mello,
Palm Beach Gardens, FL

"I was very satisfied with the diamond I received, it was a beautiful cut and I know if I am ever shopping for another, Lumera Diamonds will be my first stop to shop without a doubt. The entire process was handled with professionalism and care, leaving me with a beautiful engagement ring and not a headache. I appreciated the time you took to actually make one on one contact with me, and not mass generated emails. It shows you really care about the quality of your products and the business."

T. Jager,
Danbury, CT

"The diamond is absolutely gorgeous and she loves it ;-) Thanks again for getting it here on time. Everything worked out great!"

J. Donaldson,
Littleton, CO

"Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwsome. She loved it!"

B. Boch,
San Juan Capistrano, CA

"The diamond is better than I expected...very good value...Thanks for all of your help. Your quick response really gave me peace of mind about the purchase and shipping."

D. Fingleton,
Arlington, TX

"The diamond looks great. Thank you for all of your help. I will be sure to refer my friends and family!"

J. Pettis,
Twinsburg, OH

"The diamond that we purchased is perfect and the jeweler here in Sarasota did a great job with the setting. Although the engagement was to happen on New Year's Eve, when we arrived at our future in'law's house on Christmas Eve and showed our son the ring, he proposed that night surrounded by family - couldn't have gone better!! - Again many thanks for your assistance and patience to make this a very special occassion."

S. Fregnan,
Sarasota, FL

"The diamond arrived yesterday and she is beautiful!!"

N. Tomic,
Zurich, Switzerland

"The diamond is amazing and is so much more than I could ever imagine. Thank you!! I can't thank you enough. She cried when she saw it! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!"

M. Zanotti,
Medford Lakes, NJ

"The diamond was and is a huge hit. She loves it and constantly gets a lot of comments about it. I really appreciate all of your help and will happily refer you to any of my friends."

M. Roberton,
Austin, TX

"I got the ring today! It is great!!!! Thank you so much for finding such a great bargain for me!! I will definitely recommend you to my friends and I will come back when I need to upgrade my ring!!"

K. Gibson,
Ooltewah, TN

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