Our Prices

All prices are displayed in U.S. dollars. Delivery is free within the continental U.S.

Lumera has never run a sale or promotion of any kind, and never will. Instead, we offer the very best price to every single customer, every single day.

Lumera does no email marketing or advertising of any kind. You will not see pop ups offering discounts on your first order, or coupons for joining an email list, or ads tracking you around the internet. Lumera does not pay for inclusion in review sites, blogs, posts, or articles of any kind. We rely on the quality of our offerings, our reputation for service, and word of mouth from our customers. The elimination of advertising costs allows Lumera to offer the best possible price.

Because our pricing is not inflated by high mark ups, Lumera is able to offer the most generous diamond trade-in program in the industry.

Lumera is also able to make the promise that any item you purchase will appraise for more than the purchase price.

Lumera's approach to sales and pricing is unique in the jewelry and diamond industry, but has served our customers well for over 15 years.