Choosing a Metal (Gold, Platinum, or Titanium)

While there are more metal choices available in jewelry, especially engagement rings, than at any time in history, the choice still comes down to the same factors: personal taste, lifestyle, and budget. Gold and platinum are by far the most popular engagement ring options; with alternative metals like titanium becoming more popular in certain niches, like men’s wedding bands.

Most wearers of jewelry and engagement rings prefer either a white or yellow metal. White metals, such as white gold, platinum, and titanium, have steadily grown in popularity. Their neutral color tends to coordinate with any style; and their colorless appearance is very flattering to diamonds. When in doubt, observe the recipients personal style; do they tend to incorporate cool, neutral colors (black, gray, blue, etc) into their wardrobe and home décor? Do they lean towards modern or contemporary design? If so, a white metal may be the best choice. Often, simply looking at the color of jewelry they already own is enough to answer the question.

A warmer metal, such as yellow or rose gold, might be a better fit for someone who tends to wear warm or earth tones (browns, deep reds, green, etc). For a person with a very eclectic style, a two tone piece of jewelry (one that mixes two different golds, such as white and yellow) might be a good option.

A person’s lifestyle should also be considered. Because platinum and titanium are much harder than gold, they are an excellent option for someone who will expose their jewelry to a lot stress (such as sand, salt water, detergents, exercise and outdoor equipment). Even within the gold family, 14K might be a better choice than 18K, due to its greater durability.

Price is a final consideration when deciding between platinum and gold. Because platinum jewelry has a higher concentration of pure platinum than gold jewelry has of pure gold, platinum engagement rings are significantly more expensive. But they are also the easiest to maintain (white gold will require re-plating), and longest lasting.

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