How To Measure Ring Size

We ranked the 5 best ways to determine ring size (plus two to avoid); based on popularity, ease, and accuracy. Included below is everything you need to accurately measure ring size, including instructions, a printable ring sizer, and an international ring size chart.

1. Physical Ring Sizer

(Popularity-3 Ease-4 Accuracy-9)

Physical Ring Sizer
Physical Ring Sizer

Without question, the most accurate way to determine ring size is a physical ring sizer, preferably metal or sturdy plastic (rather than the flimsier versions that look like garbage ties). While the major drawback to this approach is time, it no longer requires a trip to the jeweler. Few realize that accurate and inexpensive ring sizers are readily available online, and can be delivered within 2 days. Two nice options we have tested for accuracy, both under $10, are available from Amazon (in metal and plastic). Physical ring sizers have the added advantage of allowing the wearer to test the comfort of each ring size; the individual rings are even removable, allowing the wearer to test the comfort of the fit for a longer period of time, if desired.

2. Printable Ring Sizer

(Popularity-5 Ease-7 Accuracy-7)

When time does not permit use of a physical sizer, the next best guide to finding your ring size is a printable ring sizer. Ours includes a sizing strip that displays the correct ring size once cut out and wrapped around a finger. Just make sure to wrap the strip around the widest part of the finger (often the knuckle). Print our ring size guide to obtain your strip, and follow the step by step instructions provided.

View or print our ring sizer; which includes everything you need to determine your correct ring size.

3. Ring Size Chart

(Popularity-4 Ease-7 Accuracy-7)

The two methods above require access to the wearer’s finger. Even without it, you’re still in luck if you can obtain a ring worn by the recipient. Just print the ring size chart above, and match your ring to the nearest like-sized ring silhouette on the page.

4. String Method

(Popularity-6 Ease-6 Accuracy-6)

No printer available, or ring to use as a guide? There is still hope. The string method is not as accurate as the printable ring sizer, and a bit harder to use (since a string will not have ring sizes marked), but it will do in a pinch. Just obtain a piece of string (or floss) at least 3 inches long, and wrap it around the finger in question. Compare the string’s wrapped length against the size table at the bottom of our ring size chart.

Buying Tip:

Lumera recommends the physical ring sizer as the most accurate method for determining ring size. When obtaining an accurate ring size is not possible, an alternative we offer is our Presentation Solitaire. This classic solitaire comes with a one year exchange privilege (details), which means that you not only don’t have to get the size right, you don’t even need to determine the recipient's style and metal preferences.

With a presentation setting, the recipient has a full year to choose a permanent setting, and have their diamond transferred to it (at no charge). Learn more about why this might be the best way to buy an engagement ring.


5. Ask a Parent or Friend

(Popularity-7 Ease-8 Accuracy-4)

This is where we cross the line from recommended to non-recommended options. Asking the recipient’s parent or close friend gets a pass under one condition: the recipient has purposefully provided this information to the parent or friend for just this occasion. If so, you’re all set; this is the easiest approach of all. In all other cases, we recommend caution, as the response you receive could be little better than a guess.

6. Compare a Similar Sized Person

(Popularity-8 Ease-8 Accuracy-3)

Don’t do it. While a popular approach, finger sizes do not correlate well with a person’s height or weight.

7. Guess

(Popularity-9 Ease-9 Accuracy-3)

The most popular, but least effective approach. While it’s tempting to simply ask the seller “what’s the most popular ring size?” and go from there; it rarely works. Guessing too big could feel a bit insulting, and guessing to small can hamper a nice moment.

For those who may already have a ring size or measurement, but just need to convert from one country's ring sizing standard to another, use our international ring size conversion chart to determine the equivalent measurments and ring sizes across fifteen international standards, applicable to virtually all rings sold in the world today.

If you don’t have a reliable option for determining ring size, consider a classic solitaire. These styles are the easiest (and least expensive) to resize. In addition, Lumera offers a Presentation Solitaire that comes with a one year exchange benefit.