Titanium Wedding Bands

Before 1990, the metal options for men’s bands and jewelry were gold and platinum. Gold is an obvious choice, due to its desirability and softness (which allows it to be shaped into intricate yet durable designs). Platinum is a popular alternative, especially for men, who might desire a durable yet simple design. Unfortunately, platinum is expensive; which is where titanium comes in. More durable than even platinum, but at a much lower price (due to its relative abundance in nature), titanium is an excellent choice for simple engagement jewelry, especially men’s and women’s bands.

Titanium is also very light, with an exceptional strength to weight ratio. This gives our men’s titanium wedding bands a very unique feel when worn. Other advantageous properties of titanium are that it does not tarnish, is highly resistant to corrosion, and is hypoallergenic (all of which make it a popular material for surgical implants as well).

While titanium has many advantages, its primary disadvantage is simply that it is so difficult to work with, due to its hardness. Titanium wedding bands tend to be simple designs with little or no ornamentation or sculpting. Other alternative metals, such as palladium, have also become more common, but titanium remains the most popular.

Some of our most popular Rose Gold styles: