Impossible Diamond Buying Questions

Fri, 09/13/2013 - 11:13

Customers in the process of buying a loose diamond often ask impossible questions, such as "What is more important, color or clarity?" or "What is the best diamond shape?", or "What is better, an H VS1 diamond, or a G VS2?" These questions are impossible to answer correctly, because they are based on a false assumption.

The false assumption is that there is an objective "good" or "best" or "ideal" when it comes to purchasing loose diamonds. In fact, the answer depends on the subjective requirements and expectations of the individual customer. Any general answer given to questions of this type (for instance, saying that a G VS2 is in fact superior to an H VS1) is not useful to the purchaser. What if the customer is not particularly color sensitive? What if the best option is actually a G VS1 or an H VS2? Instead of asking questions such as these, a superior approach can be taken in two steps.

First, every customer should familiarize themselves with key diamond terminology (a good start is the Diamond Education Center from Lumera, which contains definitions, photos, guidance, and advice). Visiting a local jeweler and looking at various shapes, colors, clarities and sizes is also invaluable. Many customers attempt to make decisions regarding these qualities based solely on third party advice, without ever simply looking for themselves.

Second, every customer should determine the correct value for each aspect of the diamond independently. This means not conflating color and clarity into one either/or decision. Instead, consider each aspect of the diamond independently and determine what your range of acceptable options are. Then, once you know the minimum size, color, clarity, and maximum price you will be satisfied with, begin narrowing your options by applying your criteria. A helpful resource is the Lumera Diamond Buying Guide, which contains step by step instructions for evaluating each aspect of a diamond, and where to consider compromising first if you are not able to achieve your ideal.

Finally, no one should ever feel that they need to rely entirely on their own judgement when buying GIA certified loose diamonds. Our preference would be that every customer would call or email prior to making their purchase, in order to have their choice reviewed and their questions answered. This greatly increases the likelihood that the chosen diamond will meet or exceed your expectations.

Please feel free to contact a consultant to get started.

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