Depth refers to the distance between the culet and the table when the diamond is viewed from the side. Depth is expressed in millimeters, and is given as the third number under "measurements" for every Lumera Diamond (the first two numbers are length and width).

The depth % of a diamond is calculated by dividing the depth by the width of the diamond. So, if a diamond is 3 in depth, and 4.5 mm in width, its depth % is 66.7.

The lower the depth %, the larger a diamond of a given carat weight will appear when viewed from above (since more of the diamond's size is in its width vs. in its depth).

Depth % is incorporated in the cut grade of a diamond. For this reason, when purchasing a diamond, use the Cut grade first (since it balances multiple measurements, not just depth %). Once two diamonds of equal cut are being compared, consider depth % as a further refinement.

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