Solitaire Presentation Setting

A classic 14K gold or platinum solitaire setting, the most popular engagement ring style. By placing a diamond in a solitaire presentation setting, the proposer is able to "pop the question" with ring in hand, but still allow the recipient the option of later choosing a ring that suits their personal taste.

Because a solitaire setting focuses the attention on the diamond better than any other ring style, most recipients elect to keep it. However, the diamond can also be easily reset by your local jeweler into the ring of your fiancée's choice.

An added benefit of the solitaire style is that it allows the purchaser to buy the largest and best quality diamond possible within their budget, rather than splitting the purchase between a smaller diamond and a more elaborate setting. In this way, one is more likely to remain satisfied with the choice of diamond for years to come. Often, a more elaborate setting is purchased in the future as an anniversary gift.

Once you add a diamond to your shopping bag, you will have the option of having it shipped to you loose, or in a solitaire setting. Lumera offers a classic solitaire setting in both platinum and 14k white or yellow gold.

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